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We contribute in key business decisions for small as well as large enterprises.

We formulate business cases for our clients to diversify and make profits.

Application Services

Leverage Technousa’s full range of Application services – take your business to the next level with these top-notch IT solutions.

Idea Generation & Requirement

With Technousa's Creative thinking and crisp ideation, convert your idea into real time experience.

UI/UX & Designing

Technousa builds incredible Responsive Websites by focusing on all the design elements that give a breathtaking user experience.

IT & Business Consulting

Technousa offers strategic Consulting Solutions to Clients globally that help enhance productivity at large.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Invest in Technousa's wide range of eminent and specialized testing services to improve quality, performance and dependability of your system.

Marketing & Branding

Technousa Specializes in integrated branding and marketing strategy – offers a full range of digital, innovative and media services.

IT Infrastructure Services

Technousa effectively meets the dynamic business needs of organizations by providing next generation IT solutions. Let our expert team plan, design and implement your IT infrastructure.

Writing & Translation Services

Build a scalable and high quality Content for your website, document, brochures or flyers, with Technousa's smart and ultimate Content writing team.

Admin Services

Leverage Technousa’s reliable and time-saving admin services by getting your huge amount of data processed effectively by our expert team.

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  • We work as Partners!
  • Client Comes First!
  • Honesty & Transparency!
  • Business Domain Area Consulting Experts!
  • Unmatched Attention to Detailing & Excellent Communication!
  • Efficient Processes & On time delivery!
  • We are always Available!
  • Offshore Outsourcing with Dedicated Account Managers hence Cost Effective!

Lastly, our team comprises of some of the highly technical and innovative brains on the planet and we mean it!


We surpass high quality architecture engineered with latest technologies.

case Studies

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iPhone / iPad App for Medical Practitioners in Brazil

The main features which were covered under the mobile app are as follows:

  1. Once the user accepted the disclaimer, they were taken to the slots / bookmarks screen. There were 6 slots on each page and user could traverse through each page using the flip animation. For a first time user only the option to add a bookmark was available.
  2. “Add a bookmark” functionality opened a menu from right to left.  The menu had a search functionality as well as listed all categories and the available journals / content under each. The search looked for matching text in content title, text of the content as well as the file names. Each content had a “+” icon to add the specific content to the main slots / bookmarks screen.
  3. The main crux of the app was the content organization and how it was accessed. The folder structure followed within the app was......

case Studies

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Android App for Staff Attendance

The main features which were covered under the mobile app are as follows.

  1.  Application settings – This allowed to manage application level settings related to the site name and the company under which the site is configured. These were pulled from the main system’s database.
  2. Face Detection – This is the first screen of the app which is used to authenticate and authorize the staff and presents the next screen which displayed the information retrieved for the restive staff as per the record found under the facial recognition process.
  3.  If the staff feels that the record found matches with his / her details, then he can sign in to record his in time. If the staff already has an in-time for the respective day, then the app would allow him / her to sign out to record the respective out time. Both sign-in and sign-out require either facial recognition or manual login to....

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Man Power Staffing Companies Payroll, ROTA, Timesheet, Invoicing, Reporting Software

A leading online SAAS based workforce management solution to manage staff and deploying them across client sites, through a system that fully automates their processes. The main features include:

  1. A separate superadmin panel to achieve the SAAS model, which would allow to create new companies and separate storage (database and files) for each of them.
  2. Separate login area for Company Admins, Staff and Sub-Contractors.
  3. Ability to add staff as well site records where the staff would be deployed. The staff and the site functionality also have the ability to add the respective pay and billing rates based on various roles.
  4. Managing sub contractors, roles, users, access groups...

case Studies

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Giftware / Homeware Wholesale Website and Middleware in Umbraco

Some of the features developed for the Rex London website and the middleware are as follows:

  1. Separate Home page for guest and logged in users in all three languages (En, fr and de).
  2. All pages would translate into English, German and French. So while adding pages, products, product categories, etc provision was made to enter details in all three languages to display respective pages / details.
  3. Registration screen to allow new users to register. Any new user registered from Umbraco will be exported using the windows service, so that RIMs can import the same.
  4. Catalog menu displaying all product categories and sub-categories.

Ecommerce Products Website
Ecommerce Products Website
Ecommerce Products Website

case Studies

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Online Loan Provider Website

The website was built to overhaul the existing website for cashtime as well as automate some of its manual processes. Apart from functionality the main challenge was the competitive technology stack which included sitefinity as CMS, Windows and SQL Azure along with Azure Storage and developing web services to carry out various functions in the website.
The main functionality covered is listed below:

  1. The home page with carousal and rotator images functionality, all of which is managed through Sitefinity with the actual images being stored on Azure storage.
  2. Trivial pages like About Us, FAQ, Privacy Policy, Make payment, Various Loan type pages like (personal loans, title loans, online loans etc, the content of which would be managed through....

case Studies

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Android / Iphone (iOS) App for Music on the Cloud

The Faithmusicmissions Cloud app for android comes with the following features:

  1. Login using your existing FMM account
  2. Listen / download digital musc bought from the fmm website using the app.
  3. Browse your music my artist / album or simple songs and add to your playlist
  4. Access your favourite music from the cloud rather than download it through emails.

case Studies

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Android / Iphone (iOS) App for Radio Music Streaming

The Faithmusicmissions Radio streaming app for android comes with the following features:

  1. Tune in to live music on radio channel by faithmusicmissions.
  2. Browse through the radio programs schedule.
  3. Login using fmm account to manage settings, contacts, notification messages, favourites, etc

case Studies

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Ecommerce Website for Desktop and Mobile for Music Lovers

The FMM website (desktop as well as mobile) has a plethora of features, some of which are mentioned below:

  1. Home page to showcase promotions, latest releases and special music like children’s music, soundtracks, instrumental music and search for music by album title, song title, musician, etc.
  2. Browse music by music categories and being able to view details for various albums like album name, artist, and price for CD / downloading music as well as sound samples and streaming links to listen to the music.
  3. Monthly Music membership plans for selling subscription to CDs and its integration with Zoho Subscription SaaS service.
  4. Recording Studio, its features and various recording...

case Studies

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Survey Android App and Web Portal for Government of Haryana, India

The main features which were covered under the mobile app are as follows:

  1. Once the application would be installed successfully, the user would first sync the main master data from the main database which would basically import users, corporations, councils, committees and any other master data into the app’s local database.
  2. On successful sync of master data, the surveyor can login as per the credentials given to him / her by SUDAH.
  3. On login, the home page would have options to add a new homeless record or search for an existing one.
  4. During survey the adding of a new record would be done by filling in step by step details with each step capturing a few details....

case Studies

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Parts / Inventory Management and Ecommerce

The website along with the import of inventory parts and the CMS panel had much unique functionality, some of which are mentioned below:>/p>

  1. Import of brake parts in various categories viz. Rotors, Calipers, Brake Drums, Brake Pads, Brake Lines, Brake Shoes, Pad Sensors, Brake Fluid and Brake accessories.
  2. The import was done using a spreadsheet of various brands and then two separate spreadsheets for each product category. For example once the brand spreadsheet was imported, rotors data could be imported using its app guide and Prices spreadsheets.
  3. The App guide excel consisted of various brake parts based on year, make and model and the prices excel then had the brake parts available in various brands along with actual part number...

Processes & Methodology

We develop great projects by incorporating collaborative and invigorating process approach.

Technousa takes a leap for your business with proper planning by taking into consideration complete project requirement analysis, feasibility study, defining project scope, documenting the requirements and reviewing the same in a collaborated manner. We go beyond the content and help our Clients understand the business factors influencing success.

Technousa's design analysis is incorporated by the most creative and innovative people. Our team specializes in giving what is beyond best, by creating impeccable software interface as per project requirements. Technousa also offers a smooth responsive feature, i.e a feature that helps your application/website to adapt to any given device includes mobiles & tablets.

Technousa specializes in bringing up such a product that embarks perfection. Our expert developers are proficient in a variety of programming languages, helping you build a product by defining the strategic technical design and developing system requirements.

Technousa experts focus on conducting thorough testing to deliver quality and reliable products at various levels. We offer variety of testing factors like performance testing, compatibility testing, regression testing and test automation scripting. Recognizing errors at an early stage and rectifying the defects is what Technousa aims at.

We deliver what we promise. Having walked through the phases of SDLC, the product is successfully deployed on to the Client's Servers/locations. We have been delivering success to most of the businesses till date with our profound and amazing services. Customer satisfaction is Technousa'a ultimate goal.

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